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I know. I have been absent. School is done. Next year, I will have a Kindergartener! Eeek! And Baby Boy will be in the Pre-K 4 year old program! I never pictured this part of my life when I pictured myself with children. Not sure why. But this is a whole new world as they get older. Anyway, Big Boy has started T-ball practices. We hope we can make it through the whole season this year! Remember last year? No broken bones has been our motto for this year. We will see...

I got a wonderful package from my Monkey Sock Swap 4 Pal, Angela! Thanks again Angela! Here is the loot-


There was some fabulous stuff in there! And the socks fit great! They are made with Shibui Knits in what I think is the Pagoda color. I LOVE THEM! I have a thing for orange right now, not sure why.

In other news, I have started my first adult sized sweater! Yeah me! And it is for me! I had some sort of wild hair on 5/23. Swatch, swatch, swatch and off I went! I am doing Mr. Greenjeans in Cascade 220, color 9435, that I had stashed for this sweater last year!!!! I am 3 inches from having the body done! Then the sleeves left. I am feeling this knit! Here is the one issue I am concerned with. I bought the yarn and worked out the details for this sweater a while ago. Hence the title, -25. I have lost 25 pounds!!! And still going!!! So it was a little big on top, but I think it will work!! I want it to nip in at the waist and so far so good!!! Here is a progress shot-

I am already planning my next one!!! I think it will be a summer top next. And Hubby wants a sweater, and has picked out The Brick Pullover. And the Boys have asked too! I think they will get sweater vests. They even put in color requests! Orange and red for Big Boy! And purple and red for Baby Boy! I am not going to argue with them!!

A few more FO's next time, which will hopefully be sooner rather than later!


Whoa! You're gonna be busy knitting adult sized sweaters - good thing those boys will be in school!!! :-D

Posted by: rebecca | 05/30/2008

You are very welcome!!! Yes, the socks are in the Pagoda colorway.

Posted by: Angela | 05/30/2008

Wow, you're almost done with the sweater! See, they're not so bad.

Posted by: Meredith | 06/07/2008

mama !

Posted by: ww | 06/26/2008

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