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Smooshy Goodness!

Things are on the upswing here! Big Boy is finally feeling better! Wow! It was a rough 8 days. He developed a nasty earache about day 6. The nurses said this was gonna happen. Still, nothing can prepare you for your child screaming in pain at 3 am!! Heartbreaking. So he had lots of pain meds for 8 days. As far as the broken arm, no big deal! He has been getting everyone to sign his cast. He was even in the pool last night. We go to the orthopedic surgeon tomorrow for another x-ray. It better be healing "right", because the thought of how they fix it if it isn't hurts ME!

In yarn news, my Mom went on her yearly jaunt with her sister-in-laws to Minnesota a week or to ago. I asked her to find me Koigu! And she did, of course with help from Aunt Marilyn!


There it is on top. Two skeins of Koigu KPPPM #P335. Why can't they give it names? Oh well. I will name it myself. Very fall like colors. I will get back to you on what I name it. I think this has moved to the top of the must knit now list. It feels so good!

And look what came in the mail today-

Smooshy! This is the prize I won from Wendie in her blog contest. It looks so good! The colorway is called Chinatown Apple. It is a rich blend of browns, orange and maroon. Thanks so much Wendie! I love the color. And the funny thing is, this is the color I kept looking at at The Loopy Ewe!

In progress right now, another pair of Jaywalkers. Gee, that's a surprise. I love the pattern. And I cannot just knit a plain pair of socks. One is done and I am halfway up the foot on the second-

The yarn is Spunky Eclectics Tough Sock yarn (which seems to be all gone now!) in Nightshade. I am loving the way the colors are coming out. Red, green, purple and black all molding together.

I also cast on another project today. A baby blanket for Hubby's cousins baby. She is all of a sudden due in 6 weeks! How does that happen! And she keeps hinting about how much her other son loves the blanket I knit him. Subtle. And I am a sucker! At least she appreciates it! No picture yet. I just finished casting on the 400 stitches! Next time!

Fingers crossed for the x-rays tomorrow!


It's purple!!

All is ok. He will heal. So, Big Boy went to the orthopedic surgeon Friday. He has a mid-shaft fracture of the ulna. It should heal fine. They decided it should set fine with a cast. He picked purple!! And, one of the coolest parts is that he can take a bath and swim in it!!! That will make these 4 weeks so much easier.


As you can see in the picture, he is still not happy. He had his tonsils and adenoids out thursday. They nurses told me that days 5 & 6 are usually the worse. Today is day 5. And they are right! He is crabby and downright sad! We are keeping up on his meds. Thank you for codeine!! I think once he gets over the hump with the tonsilectomy, he won't even think twice about the cast! He is getting better with his left hand. And it should be off by the time school starts.

I finished Hubby's giant socks-


He is a happy camper with the way they turned out! He even wore them to work today. The specifics. Duet Sock Yarn DK weight in the Urban Cowboy bought at The Loopy Ewe. Worked toe-up, two at a time on #3 Addi's. I loved the yarn! I will be getting some of this for myself. Although, not any time soon. We have a lot of doctors to pay!!!

New on the needles.

This is the start of a toe-up Jaywalker with Spunky Eclectic tough sock in Nightshade. This was the Spunky Club May 2007 yarn. The colors are deep and dark. So far so good.

And, see the little bag the new sock is in? I made that! Yup! Apparently, I may have inherited some of my Moms talent! She is a sewing goddess! I am working on more of these and thinking about putting them up for sale on etsy. It is great to throw in my bag for on the go knitting!


It's Only Wednesday!?

What a week so far, and the bad part is it is only wednesday!!! I have been busy knitting away on socks for Hubby-


Note to self- next husband will have smaller feet!!! Hubby wears a 13!!! But, thankfully, he has skinny feet. So these have been moving along pretty well. He picked out the Duet Sock Yarn DK weight in the Urban Cowboy colorway. Bought at The Loopy Ewe! Worked toe-up, 2 at a time, on #3 Addi turbos. And a note to anyone considering making socks from these. There is PLENTY of yarn for a good sized pair of socks!! I did the toe in the contrast color and will do a contrast color on the cuff. And I will have some left over. He had them on and only wants them to be 3 inches longer. And, I used Wendy's toe-up gusset heel flap pattern for the first time. I love it!!! Go try it, really!

What else? Oh yeah! My bracelets went up for sale at another online store!!! www.woolgirl.com Go check it out!

What else happened today? Yeah. Uhh. I am the worst Mommy in the world!! See-

Big Boy fell. I won't go much more into the details. Mostly because the Boys are not talking. Let's just say it scared the hell out of me!! And I am glad I took him to the ER. I almost didn't! AND, he is still having his tonsils out tomorrow!! This kid is gonna hate me! And then on friday, he is off to the orthopedic surgeon to see what needs to be done with his arm. Uughh! I can hear the dollar signs ticking off! Go buy some bracelets!! I think I am gonna need the money!!